DBA 1- Social Networking

The most recent Dev Blog, written by CCP Oveur, can be found here. It contains a large amount of information, so I’m going to break it down into individual sections.

This first part of the analysis concerns the social networking features explained The biggest new thing coming to social networking seems to be a platform for better distribution of knowledge. CCP seems to have a social network-style plan to set up a network of blogs, player insight, etc. It sounds like we will be seeing an expanded item database, which will not only list items, but also allow for tips and tricks, detailed info, etc, on the items you’re looking at. It appears we are also going to be looking at an EVElopedia sometime in 2008, which will be accessable from most windows, and will be fully integrated into the UI. The EVElopedia will be linked with the item database, and should provide a well-linked wiki-type information database.

All of this information should be eventually linkd through the API. From the way it sounds, it seems that CCP plans to increase the usefulness of the API; up to what they call the ‘performance, security, and business’ limits.

From the way CCP is explaining it, I have an image of my head of a giant, interlinked EVE. It will be interesting to see if CCP is able to pull this off. There is obviously a lot of room for improvement, and there is a huge developer community who would be interested in utilizing an increased EVE API.


~ by damorris on November 4, 2008.

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