The most recent Dev Blog, written by CCP Oveur, can be found here. It contains a large amount of information, so I’m going to break it down into individual sections.

CCP is changing the way players buy and sell eve time cards; something that should be extremely useful for those of us who are trying to pay for our subscriptions with ISK.

Basically, the concept works like this: instead of using the secure ETC system that we’ve used before, CCP is changing ETCs into 30-day ‘pilots licenses’ which will be sold on the in-game market. You hit esc, enter in the ETC, and you’ll be given however many increments of 30-day licenses as are equivolent to the ETC you entered. (CCP is still working on what to do with 100 and 50-day cards). These 30-day licenses can go anywhere; they can be sold on the market, go into contracts, etc. They can’t, however, leave the station, so you will have to enter the code in the station you want to sell them at.

There are definately good and bad things about this. It will be interesting to see how the market responds, and what the prices are at. Mainly, I have a problem with the not-leaving the station thing. While that definately makes sense (you don’t want to have people killing others for their codes), if I accidentily redeem a card in a station I don’t have market rights to, or if I accidentily redeem it in deep 0.0, I”m going to be in a pretty nasty mood. Whether CCP will address this issue or not remains to be seen.


~ by damorris on November 4, 2008.

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