The ‘Jita Incident’

We were all the noob once. None of us are perfect, and indeed, many of us have had our embarrassing moments. I remember my first moment where I truly felt embarrassed.

It was my first month on my first ever character. I was young, and had finally found a PVP corporation that would accept me, with my limited skillset. I had been spending lots of time training important skills. After weeks of training, I was finally able to get my first good PVP ship: a Kestral that I had been told would be ‘helpful’ while we were kicking ass and taking names. Wanting to be ‘helpful’, I headed to Jita to pick up the components for my new ship. We were in a war with another merc corp, so I took it on manual all the way there. Not a big problem. Once I was there, and I had docked in the appropriate station, I suddenly realized something: there were almost twenty reds in local.

Not distinguishing between reds and wartargets, I thought that there were twenty ready and willing to fight me. Doing the logical thing, I cried out to my corp for assistance. They prepared a massive fleet; over thirty of our best men, with tacklers at every gate; it was quite an operation. Then they jumped in, ready to target whomever it was that had been threatening me. They hadn’t bothered to check local; they merely targeted the ship I asked to be designated as primary. As CONCORD came out of nowhere and destroyed their ships, they quickly realized their mistakes.

Needless to say, they were not pleased with me in the least. They hurled all sorts of insults, slurs, etc, at me. They wanted me expelled. They wanted me to pay for their ships (something a new player with barely a frigate obviously couldn’t do). At the least, they wanted me out of the corp, and I was willing to go.

It was right before I went looking for a new corp that I received a conversation window from my CEO. We had a long conversation about everything; about the mistakes I made, how it hadn’t been entirely my fault, and about my future in EVE. Despite having lost a fully fitted battleship, he forgave me, and helped me work a way through which I regained the trust of my corpmates

You have to understand; at the time, I was ready to leave; to be done with the game for all purposes. I was embarrassed, I felt bad about the whole thing, and people disliked me. Had it not been for the CEO of that corp, I wouldn’t be writing this now. Were it not for him, I wouldn’t have ever learned the difference between reds and wartargets.

My only holiday wish is that wherever he is and whatever EVE career he’s doing, he flies safe, but has fun.

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~ by damorris on December 21, 2008.

12 Responses to “The ‘Jita Incident’”

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  2. […] Blogging from inside the Pod: The ‘Jita Incident’ […]

  3. Oh wow, that would be a horrible situation to be in. That CEO deserves recognition for being such a good guy.

  4. Ouch! that was indeed a mistake! Perhaps your also right in that its the people who convince us to keep playing who are most important.
    Good article 🙂

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  6. […] Blogging from inside the Pod: The ‘Jita Incident’ […]

  7. […] Blogging from inside the Pod: The ‘Jita Incident’ […]

  8. Sorry had a bad link in last post. Corrected

  9. […] The ‘Jita Incident’ […]

  10. Man, this sounds like something I’d probably do, seriously. Live and learn, nothings as bad as it seems.

  11. I loved this post. One of my favourite “noob” EVE Online stories. Nice one 🙂

  12. Wow that really is embarrassing!
    I feel bad enough when I lose a ship through my own stupid fault and it brings the corp stats down.

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